Mrs. Lyman’s 3rd Grade Class

Informational Letter



Dear Families,


            Welcome to a new school year. I hope everyone had a relaxing summer with lots of good memories. I am excited to work with your child and anticipate a great year.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you as parents also.

            In order to help you understand our classroom community, I am including information in this letter concerning our classroom procedures and routines.  Please keep this letter in a safe place and refer to it throughout the year.


            Home/School Communication:

I feel strongly that the school and home need to work closely together to provide a strong support system for your child. This can be accomplished in several ways:

Each Monday your child will bring home a newsletter highlighting our topics of study, upcoming dates, and any happenings in our classroom. Be sure to look for this each Monday and refer to it throughout the week. It will be in the front pocket of the Homework folder also known as the Parent Communication folder.

Agendas will be sent home daily. Your child will be responsible to record homework assignments, spelling words, and upcoming events. Please ensure that your child refers to his/her agenda at home to make sure all assignments are completed and the agenda is returned each morning. There will also be a reading log that will be sent each day (except Friday)  to record independent reading.  This is an important part of the nightly homework. A parent signature is required.

·         Website:Our class website can be accessed through the Helmwood site or it can be entered directly at

Please feel free to contact me at 769-1328 before or after school hours or email me at  My planning time each day is from 12:20-1:10. This is usually the best time to call or for me to return phone calls.  If you would like to send a note, you may write it in the agenda or just send it with your child.  It also works well to send in a phone number you can be reached at and I will try to call you as soon as possible.

Conferences are a great form of communication. Please let me know at any time throughout the school year if you would like to have a conference. I will set up a conference with each of you towards the end of the first grading period to talk about your child’s progress. I would love to meet with each one of you at this time.

Parent volunteers are some of our school’s greatest assets! This can happen by working with children in the classroom, organizing and managing materials, helping out with parties or special events, or just sending in items when needed. Let me know if you are interested in helping out in any of these areas.




Homework will be sent daily and assignments are recorded by your child in his/her agenda each day. Independent reading will also be part of the homework. A Reading Record will be attached to the agenda for your child to record completed reading. A parent signature will also be required on the form. No homework will be sent on Friday. Occasionally work that has not been completed during the week will be sent at this time. Please encourage your child to return all completed homework each day.



            Please bring over the counter and/or prescription medications in the original containers to the office along with a signed medication permission slip. This will ensure that medications are not in a child’s book bag where they cannot be easily monitored.



            Our lunch time each day will be from 11:51 – 12:16. You are welcome to eat with your child at this time.  The cafeteria asks that you do not bring in fast food for your child.  You are welcome to eat our cafeteria lunch or to bring your own.  On Fridays the students can earn the right to eat lunch in our classroom for good behavior.



            Birthdays are a special time for kids and we honor that in our classroom. Your child will receive a special birthday coupon good for a free treat in the cafeteria on his/her special day. You may send in a special treat (cookies, rice krispie bars, cupcakes, etc.) if you like. This is strictly optional. Please do not send in a whole cake as it is difficult to cut and serve in the classroom. To protect sensitive feelings, we ask that your child not distribute birthday invitations at school unless the whole class is invited (or girls invite all girls and boys invite all boys).  Summer birthdays will be celebrated on a special day at the end of the school year.



            The students will be involved in various specials this year.  Our schedule is set up on a rotating basis where specials are not assigned to specific days. They will go on a four day rotation cycle.  Our schedule is as follows:

                             Day One              -           Library                           12:20-1:10

                                      Day Two             -           Art                                  12:20-1:10

                                      Day Three           -           Music                             12:20-1:10

                                      Day Four             -           PE                                   12:20-1:10


Be sure to wear tennis shoes for PE.    Technology will be added to the schedule soon. 



            To be an effective environment for learning, your child needs to feel safe and secure at school.  We strive to ensure that our classroom maintains high standards for learning and encourages each child to be accountable and responsible for his/her own behavior. Cooperation and teamwork are always a priority.  We have a school wide behavior policy that sets consistent standards across all grade levels and throughout all areas of the school. Please refer to our Classroom Expectations for detailed information on our specific classroom policy.