Mrs. Lyman’s 1st Grade


Aug. 31 – Sept. 4, 2015


     Last week we worked on Number Sense.  We practiced recognizing written numbers to 20, counting in different ways, and writing numbers to ten. 

    This week we will practice working with the “teen” numbers.  Our goal will be to build them and read the number words that go with them.

We are also working on fluency with the numbers one to ten.  We will be using some fun games to build fluency with these numbers.

    We have been practicing counting by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 100.  We have also practiced counting backwards from 20.  This week we will be counting by 2’s to 30 and beyond.    


      We have been working on handwriting and how to construct a sentence over the last few weeks.  It is important when students write that they say the sentence orally before they write it.  We are teaching them to count the number of words they will have in their sentence as they say it. Then they can write each word as they listen for the sounds in the word.  Please do not expect them to spell all the words correctly at this point.  We are just encouraging them to spell the sounds they hear. They are doing a great job constructing sentences in their Writing Journals.


 Math Tools:

      This week we will be using an important math tool.  A math tool is a manipulative that can help to solve a problem. Our math tool this week will be a tens frame.  We will be using this tool frequently throughout the school year.

     One of our goals will be for students to put the appropriate number of counters on the tens frame and to identify how many more are needed to make ten. The students need to quickly visualize and build the numbers to ten. 

Homework/Sight Words:

   I would like to thank each one of you as parents for the great job you are doing encouraging your child to read each day and to complete his/her Reading  Record and practice the sight words.  What a great way to teach your child responsibility and to show them how much you value their education.

      As your child masters the 10 sight word flash cards that were sent home, please remember to make cards for the next group of ten.  Also it is very helpful to periodically go back and check the words that have already been mastered.  Good retention is critical. If your child completes a list, please send a note so we can give them a new list to study.  We will be doing assessments on their words next week. At this point we will be checking off words on their Sight Word List that they have mastered. Keep practicing!


     The students will be assessed on their reading and math skills this week using the online Scantron assessment system.  This will help me to better see what each student’s strengths and weaknesses are


     Last week we learned how to partner read.  The students did a great job with this.

      We learned several reading strategies.  The first strategy is Using Picture Clues.  We are encouraging the students to look at the pictures to help figure out words.  The second strategy we learned is to Say the Beginning Sound.  This will help the students to quickly eliminate words that make sense in the sentence, but don’t match the beginning sound.

First Grade Curriculum Night:

    Please plan to attend the First Grade Curriculum Night if possible on Thurs., Sept. 3rd from 5:30 – 6:30 in the school cafeteria.  The first grade teachers will be explaining our curriculum and procedures.  Child care will be provided for school-aged children. Hope to see you there!

. Specials:

             Monday –  Art

             Tuesday – Music

             Wednesday- PE

             Thursday – Library

             Friday - Art